How to Maintain Hygiene During a Medical Abortion?

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Hygiene is one of the important aspects of our daily life. Similarly, undergoing a medical abortion also needs a maintained hygiene level. Maintaining hygiene after the termination leads to better health and fast recovery.

Since most of the women choose abortion pills to terminate a pregnancy, doctors recommend maintaining complete sanitation during and after the abortion.

Why is Hygiene Important After an Abortion?

The whole medical abortion process is completed via pills. The dead tissues of fetus expel out of the vagina through bleeding and blood clots. If the hygiene not maintained during this procedure, the chances of getting infected increases.

The vaginal flora, the bacteria lives inside the vagina typically dominated by lactobacilli species. The bacteria is needed for producing hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid and other acids which are required to keep the vaginal area clean. Although, these acids are naturally present in the vagina to maintain cleanliness. Even though one has to be more careful during the medical abortion as the genital area becomes more sensitive and prone to bacterial infection.

Following are the points which will help you to maintain proper cleanliness during a medical fetus termination.

• Wash Your Body Properly

Taking a shower daily is good for the body after an abortion. While washing your body you have to be very careful while cleaning your genital area. Do not wash the vagina by motioning hands. The right way to wash it is to clean the genitals and then anus.

• Use Maxi Pads Instead of Tampons

Though tampons are considered more convenient than pads and menstrual cups during the period, it is recommended to use pads or maxi pads after a medical abortion. The reason for doing this is if anything inserted in the vagina increases the chances of vaginal infection. Doctors usually advise using fragrance-free Maxi pads since the bleeding is heavier than usual during an abortion.

• Do Not Forget to Change Sanitary Pads

As mentioned above, bleeding is more than normal periods during an abortion; this is why you need to be more careful during this period. You may experience blood clots of lemon size after administrating Misoprostol drug. Change pad in every four hours or before it is fully soaked. The bleeding gets lighter within a week indicating removal of all fetus particles.

• Other Sanitation Care

Since diarrhea is one of the major side effects of medical abortion; it is suggested to women to eat healthy and light food in clean dishes and increase water intake to stay hydrated. Oily food and junk food should be strictly avoided.

While undergoing a medical pregnancy termination consider these aforementioned points to restrain from any kind of infection or complication.